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Is this similar to how you bet at the moment?

An Extract From The Secret Manuals

'This weekend you have spent no time looking at the teams you are betting on you simply pick 4 teams you like the look of and hand your cash to the bookmaker hoping for a good weekend, Your bet is as follows:

£10 accumulator

Man Utd to win @ 1.33 (3/10)
Everton to win @ 1.50 (1/2)
Preston to win @ 1.28 (2/7)
Hibs to win @ evens

Your banker is Man Utd, the rest are evens or better so you have a better chance of winning than not winning right? Wrong.

Every selection that comes in after the first selection with accumulators statistically multiplies in the chance that it will lose. If you where to place £10 on this acca you would win back £51.43 if they all came up....

But the chance of this happening is actually 11/1, so basically you win 5 times your money back when you win, but this only happens around 1 in 10 weekends - only half your money back, this sounds familiar...


...Certain Bets 'CENSORED' will win more than 9 out of 10 times...'

We have had to censore this information is FAR too sensitive to be available on this website, We are talking info the bookies are trying to BAN! This is the Real Deal and it works perfectly to LEVEL STAKES.

WARNING: Very Sensitive Information Below, Proceed With Caution

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